Dream On!

I have always been fascinated by my dreams. As a child, when I woke up from a particularly vivid dream, I would run to my mother to tell her about it. I would ask her what it meant, and whether it would come true (for better or worse). We would discuss the dream at great length. I enjoyed those discussions so much, I decided to write down my dreams, study them, and read books about them. I have been doing so for most of my life.

I seem to remember my dreams during particular life phases, circumstances, and experiences. I might remember a dream every night or have no dreams for years. I sometimes have such intense dreams I struggle to wake from them. By the time I get near paper and pen to write what I’ve experienced, I’m totally confused by the real world. I’ve had many dreams like that—dreams that I want to remember so badly, I pull myself out of them to do so. When I pull myself out of my dreams, the dreams tend to fade before I can document them.

In 1999, I created a web site to solicit dreams for free interpretation, and in that first year, I interpreted more than 300 dreams, with fantastic results. Unfortunately, I had two jobs that prevented me from continuing my journey of other people’s dreams.

Although the website has long been defunct, I would like to share some of the dreams I interpreted way back when along with some of mine. I have no credentials or schooling, just a keen interest in dreams.

These interpretations and analyses are for entertainment purposes only.

What do your dreams mean?

To truly understand symbols within a dream, consider what the symbols mean to you, personally in addition to those presented here. The dreamer is always the best analyst of his or her own dream, and each dreamer has a “decoder” of particular symbols in a dream.

Tupelo Honey

I had a very odd dream last night wherein I was in great turmoil over drinking a glass of thick red wine out my favorite wine glass. I picked it up and set it down several times trying to decide whether to drink it or not.

I dreamed my dad got a DUI. He mentioned it while sitting at a table with me on a screened in porch.

I dreamed about snakes under the floor surface in my house and trying to clean a flooded basement and then I was arrested for using a toxic substance to clean a bathtub. I did get the basement clean and the snakes turned into other creatures (a hairless Chihuahua and a big green scaly fish out of water that sprouted legs) that scampered out the door when I opened it to the day.

There were other people in the dream, working against me. My ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend (she had something to do with the snakes) was one and then some guy I didn’t know…He was the one who turned me in for using the bath cleaner. What he got out of it was $50.

I went out and bought honey in this dream. There was a cart filled all kinds of different honey. I considered blueberry but bought Tupelo from a girl named Rebecca, who is an acquaintance of mine. It seemed to turn out okay, but it was stressful.

Dear Dreamer,

Thanks for sending me your dream! Glass represents a clear, yet fragile, situation, and within it, the red wine: your anger, lust, and embarrassment. You aren’t sure whether you want to drink it. Perhaps it’s not time for you to process these things yet–they’re contained within a fragile situation.

Your father, who represents authority and dominance as well as a reflection of your own masculine, dominant traits, tells you at a table on a screened in porch, that he got a DUI. It is serendipitous that this information comes to you at this juncture in your dream, the point at which you are concerned about drinking in your own anger, lust, will power, and courage. Perhaps his error is a lesson for you to control your own “drinking,” because if you don’t, you may wind up in a similar position. You may have known in advance that the possibility of punishment existed, and so we were reticent to take that first drink.

The house represents you as a whole; body, mind, and spirit. The snakes under the floor below represent transformation, the state of wholeness, and the ability to experience life wholly and without resistance. The basement represents your unconscious self—that which lies under your attitudes, feelings, and beliefs—and the flood represents an inundation of destructive emotions (perhaps embarrassment, anger, and lust).

It’s ironic that you were arrested for using a toxic substance to clean the bathtub—a bath represents moral purification. It’s clear that, while your intentions are good, some attention to pure experiences (or purity) is required if you are to avoid getting into trouble or being punished.

You overcame the destructive emotions that previously inundated you when you succeeded in getting the basement clean. Then you took your success a step further, and the snakes transformed (yes! this is what they do!) into other creatures. Dogs are territorial protectors and warn of approaching danger. They represent serving others and humanity. Fish represent the spirit of the dreamer and the need for quiet contemplation or meditation. Green is symbolic of hope, renewal, health, harmony, and prosperity, and as the fish is green, this indicates the nature of your spirit.

It’s great that the fish sprouts legs and scampers out the door with the Chihuahua as you open it to the day. The door represents an opportunity. You’ve opened this opportunity in your dream so that the hope, health, harmony, renewal, and prosperity of your spirit can see the light of day! Terrific!

“Other people” in the dream are reflections of you; the men represent your practical, dominant side and the women represent your intuitive, emotional side. You are seemingly betrayed by one of them—who have turned you in for using a toxic cleaner—but in dream language, he is doing you a great service, because the bath is meant for purification, not toxicity.

He gets $50 for turning you in. Five is the number of transformation (here we go again!), and zero is the number of completion and infinity. As this man who turns you in is an aspect of you, this is what you may do (or may have done) for yourself when the toxifying that which is meant for purification stops: completely transform.

Honey symbolizes plenty. In the end, after your trials, tribulations, and transformations, that’s what’s coming to you. And you get to choose which kind of “plenty” you want!

Sweet dreams!


Third Eye Green

Dear Marla,
Here’s the dream:

I am talking on the phone with a friend, when I look in the mirror and I realize that I have a third eye right above my nose, a little lower than my other two eyes.

I am naturally startled by this because I think that I have always had three eyes and I just have never noticed. Nobody else thinks this is a big deal.

I am finally able to close my third eye, which then causes my other two eyes to shift on my face. That is the dream. Oh, and each eye takes turns changing to the color green.

Dear Dreamer,

While some dreams are a combination of literal and symbolic meanings, yours is primarily symbolic, and quite a lot of fun to read from that perspective.

The telephone is symbolic of a need to get in touch with your inner self for advice or help, and you bring a friend into the “conversation” in your dream for companionship during this experience. You look in the mirror, reflections of past and present, a reflection of the truth, and notice that you have a third eye right above your nose. The “third eye” or sixth chakra is associated with the pineal, or pleasure gland. It is said that when we open this “eye” we “see” and experience beyond the norm; bright light, colors, and immense pleasure. It is also a center of psychic openness. But in your dream, your third eye (which is said to be in a position between the eyebrows, on the forehead) is just between your eyes, and a little bit lower. It’s down a bit, indicating that whichever aspect you’re focusing on is out of whack, whether it’s your psychic openness or your pleasure. You’re startled because you never noticed this feature before, but no one else thinks it’s out of the ordinary.

Then you accomplish a wonderful task: you learn to close the eye, which causes your other eyes to shift. In reality, it is said that controlling the “openness” of the third eye is very important to mental health. Leaving it open too much may make a person seem “crazy,” and leaving it closed too often closes off pleasure and psychic contact. Eyes represent inner sight and wisdom, and in this dream, you’re learning to control your eyes, particularly since you’ve discovered you have an extra “eye” you didn’t know you had. Three is the number of syntheses, the threefold nature of humans: body, mind, and spirit. The three eyes take turns going to green; green is symbolic of sensual and spiritual passion, as well as growth, hope, renewal, health, harmony, and prosperity.

It seems that you’re going through an interesting growth phase in your waking life, and the experience startles you. It’s also a little out of whack. The issues that concern you are getting in touch with your inner sight and wisdom (by looking at reflections of your past and present, as well as the truth) as it applies to your body, mind, and spirit experiencing sensual and spiritual passion, health, harmony, prosperity, hope, and renewal. Clearly, you’re not afraid to experiment with it, and perhaps enjoy it as you discover what you’re capable of. Perhaps bringing the whole experience “up” a bit (to a higher level) will help get it out of whack.

Sweet dreams!

Giving up my Job

I quit my job in publishing to become a cop. My partner was a horse. We went to Switzerland to fight crime and I got shot in the line of duty. While I was recovering in the hospital, the horse came to visit me. When I saw him, I realized he was an evil creature. Then and there, I decided to quit being a cop and turned to a life of crime. One day, while I was smuggling drugs across an expansive park, I saw my ex-partner, the horse, rollerblading towards me. He raised his gun to shoot me. “Go ahead,” and I laughed, spreading my arms wide. The horse shot me. I woke up.

The overall theme of my dream is quitting occupations: the first was in publishing, which was true outside my dream, and I quit some months before. In my dream, I chose to work as a policewoman because I wanted to have authority and power to stop criminals and help crime victims. I had left my job suddenly because I was mistreated at work, and by dreaming of becoming a cop, I could offset my feelings of helplessness and victimization by morphing into a powerful authority figure. I was trying to protect and save myself like a cop would do.

Going to Switzerland to fight crime opposes the reality of that neutral country, and going there with my partner—the crime-fighting horse—was opposition to neutrality. The Switzerland/horse/crime vignette hints of traveling to another country post-haste by means of my partner’s horsepower. How much of the power was my partner’s and how much of it was mine?

Being shot in the line of duty refers back to the occupation theme and the publishing job that I left after feeling hurt by my previous employer, except this time with bullets and a gun. The hospital was a necessity for healing, just in time to find out that my visiting partner, presumably still a cop, is a villainous one.

I quit again (Is the third time a charm?), and adopted yet another occupation: criminal. I wonder if I felt like a criminal for quitting because I had gone over it repeatedly in my mind as if I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to quit or not. And then meeting up with my nemesis, I literally threw caution to the wind by throwing my arms wide to show I just didn’t care anymore. Getting shot again didn’t end my life; it ended my attention to the situation, which left me free to move on.


Bitten by Rats

Dear Marla,

Here is a dream from last night…I kept a nasty troupe of four rats. They would often bite me. They were miserable in their cage, and I would walk them sometimes in this contraption that bound them together so they could move as one with their heads sticking out. I would hold the contraption on a string as they moved around the room. I was afraid to hold them or release them from the contraption lest they attack me. I tried to release them and put them back in their cage but they started biting me. I dropped one and it ran out of the room. I closed the door, but the others became loose too and started running around the room. I decided I would rather let them loose than chase them. I opened the door and let them loose in the house. I thought that, though they were very large rats, my cats would take care of them. I asked my mother later, “Should I have just released them outside?” She told me that it was OK and confirmed that the cats would indeed take care of them.

Dear Dreamer,

Your troupe of rats symbolizes your need for balance, good judgment, and self-preservation—which often “bites” you because it seems that they won’t be “tamed.” You’re in your house, which represents you as a whole, body, mind, and spirit. You keep the rats in a cage, which is symbolically not a good place for such things as balance and good judgment. Better to set them free. They want to be free, you want them to be free, but you’re afraid that they’ll attack you again. How could balance, good judgment and self-preservation “hurt” you? Is the issue that which you’d be giving up to attain balance, good judgment, and self-preservation? Only you can decide what it is about balance, self-preservation, and good judgment in your waking life that unconsciously frightens you so.

You had a contraption in which you could control these elements without them biting you, but also so that they could be free from their cage. So you’re trying to work with the concept of freedom in a creative way, but it doesn’t work out, because when you try to put “them” back in their cage, they start biting you again. One of them gets loose and you decide to let them all loose, rather than chase them. You open the door, which represents opening up to an opportunity. Symbolically speaking, you’re opening up an opportunity to release the balance, good judgment, and self-preservation that you’ve kept caged.

In your dream, you believed the cats would take care of them. Although the rational connection (that cats will naturally hunt the rats) is clear, there’s also a symbolic connection: cats represent intuitive feminine wisdom and the imaginative power of the unconscious mind. This is what you can employ to keep your balance, good judgment, and self-preservation under control. And your mother—the feminine principle and maternal instincts within you—affirms this.

If you allow your intuitive feminine wisdom and the imaginative power of your unconscious mind to “catch” your balance, good judgment, and self-preservation, you’ll be in complete control, with no fear of being attacked or bitten.

Sweet dreams!

High Flying

Greetings. I always have dreams that I’m in an airplane. I have to take the flight at around 7:40 p.m. with my mom and my sister’s mother in law, but we’re late so I have to take the midnight flight. My sister’s mother-in-law was riding in a wheelchair and she was pushing with my mom (she’s not sick in real life).

Then I was inside the church and a psychic was giving me a healing prayer. He tapped my forehead and I lost consciousness but regained my consciousness afterward. Then the psychic climbed up the tree and he wrote something from the branches. When he came down, he told me that I had to marry that guy from the seminary (I didn’t see that guy in my dream). I’m confused about this…can you help me?

Dear Dreamer,

Thank you for sending me your dream! It’s imbued with family and spiritual symbols. They show your unconscious attention to family and spiritual influences at the time of your dream.

Recurring dreams are the attempts of the unconscious self to call attention to a particular situation, problem, dilemma, etc. Until the unconscious self is heard and the information acted upon, particular dreams, or the same symbols appearing in different dreams, will reoccur.

Airplanes represent high ambitions and, since you were riding in the plane, also that your life may be speeding up. You may soon reach the “destination” that this dream represents, providing you don’t run out of time. Your notice of the flight times, the missed flight due to your lateness, and the final, late flight indicate that you may run out of time to make a decision or take action. It’s interesting that you finally made your flight at midnight. Twelve is a very spiritual number of a new spiritual order. There were twelve Disciples of Christ, earthly holders of spiritual truth; and twelve signs of the zodiac. Your high ambitions may be able to “take flight” when your spirituality matures. The missed flight at 7:40 is equally important, as 7+4=11, which represents a transgression; it’s also a reminder that you need not abandon what you’ve learned to begin anew.

You rode in the airplane with two female family members. Your mother is the most significant; however, both represent feminine influences in your life. It appears that there is an abundance of female influence in your life, but perhaps not all of it is healthy. Do you have some ambitions in common with some female family members, and in particular, your mom?

The church represents your beliefs and moral ideals. It is a place of safety and peace within you. When the psychic–a man who has developed his natural, spiritual gifts in relation to helping others–gave you a healing prayer, he helped you call for guidance from a higher power. After the prayer, he tapped you on the forehead, and you went unconscious. This tap on the third eye, or sixth chakra, ceased your consciousness. The sixth chakra is associated with the pineal, or pleasure gland and it can help you to see what you normally wouldn’t see. The psychic may have “opened” that chakra for you so you could “see” in another way. In addition, he helped you to rise above a problem or situation (most likely with regard to your family) by climbing the tree, which symbolizes family matters, on your behalf. Then he wrote something from the branches. This is very interesting because branches represent family members. He communicated with your family members, wrote down the information, and returned to you with the message: you have to marry the man from the seminary.

In dreams, marriage is a union of compatible opposites; a mystical marriage of the soul. Here your family has insisted that you make such a union between your “ideal man,” your masculine, dominant, practical side, and your spiritual beliefs. The “union” may also represent your perception of your family’s wish for you to marry a man whose spirituality is matched with yours.

Ultimately, the psychic represents your knowledge that help exists if you look to your spiritual beliefs and reach into that safe, peaceful place within you. Help may also be achieved by reaching out to someone with similar beliefs who can help you to see what’s going on around you, so you can better understand what others are asking of you.

It appears that your spiritual beliefs were a big issue in your life at the time of this dream. As long as you stay true to them, you’ll always do what’s right for you on the highest level.

Sweet dreams!

As always, more to come…

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