The Weightlessness Machine

When the parts for my exercise machine finally arrived, I was thrilled! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the tools to install the parts. Lucky for me, my next door neighbor had the tools–as well as the wherewithal–to get the job done. I don’t know what I would have done without his help. I’m exceedingly lucky in that sense, and exceedingly unlucky in another: After he left, I discovered I needed additional parts, so I was not able to use the machine–yet. Once again, I contacted the manufacturer and waited.

As the days dragged on. I found myself taking longer walks to run errands I didn’t really need to run. I took care of the garden, killed weeds in the backyard, and generally moved around as much as possible. I cleaned things around the house even when they were not dirty. I took my laundry to a laundromat farther away from home, just for the exercise.

That would have been all well and good, until I decided to fall off the wagon of weightlessness. Then it got ugly.

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