I can hear them marching…

The first round of ants meandered around an empty closet in my bedroom. I dispatched them, and wondered, “Why the closet?”  A few days later, I saw ants in the kitchen. Again, I dispatched them. For a week, I fought off ants from odd locations: the bathroom, a cardboard box upstairs, a drawer. It wasn’t long before ants were swarming full time in the kitchen–my super clean kitchen! I broke down and bought some Amdro ant killer, the kind that is taken back to the nest for the entire colony to eat–and die. I sprinkled it around the area where they were barging into my house.

Ants are interesting insects. I watched them as they followed the trail of those that had gone ahead. Sometimes a few would stop and huddle, communicating with each other, then go different ways. They’re determined little bugs.

Lo! And Behold! There were no ants the next day.

The next few weeks were happily ant-free, and I forgot all about them, but as I was going to bed last night, I saw a dark line moving up the white wall behind my bed. Again!? Seriously? How I could sleep at night with those little buggers was beyond me. After a fitful night, I sprinkled MORE Amdro all around the outside of the house, and tossed some into the crawlspace where the ants dwell. I’m a bit skeptical, but hopeful that I will eventually be forever ant free.